Data Engineering/ ETL

 Integrated data is critical to effectively analyze, collaborate and report on enterprise data. At Step Before AI, one of our core foundational building blocks is to help our clients succeed. Our team of highly qualified consultants provides a quality and professional service.

With the increase in the implementation of best-of-breed applications, both on-premise and cloud, Data Engineering has become an indispensable and critical part of nearly every organizational strategy. Data Engineering not only resolves the need for moving data in real-time between disparate applications, it also facilitates consolidation, enrichment, and obfuscation to enable business collaboration both internally and externally.


Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)

Customized ETL/ELT services combine domain and technology expertise to build high-quality data assets. Determine the best data extraction methods for your system, and identify data formats and structures that align with business goals.

Data Preparation & Data Quality

The successful analysis relies upon accurate, well-structured data that has been formatted for the specific task at hand. Yet, today’s data is messier and more complex than ever before. It’s time-consuming and technically challenging to wrangle it into a format for analysis. 

We can help with cleaning your messy data. Before data can drive decisions, it must be complete, consistent, relevant, and accurate. Better data quality means better AI models, more accurate analytics and more reliable decisions